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The Difference between Social Culture in India and Australia-Australian Culture Awareness

This is my second post comparing cultural differences between Australia and India. The first post concentrated mainly on the work front. Through this post however I am trying to compare the difference from the socio cultural perspective. Don’t we human love comparing!!!. This post has no intentions to hurt any particular culture as such and is just opinions which I have gathered together. Feel free to add more to this list

There are interesting social differences that come between the two countries. Although both Australia and India are former British colonies with love of cricket, the varying attitudes that people have for many aspects of society show that there's a real difference between India and Australia even if they are relatively close to each other. They relate to many issues that come with the different attitudes that people have for certain aspects off work

Caste System 

While India has a history of casts and few of us still are caste orientated, Australia is arguably the most egalitarian society in the developed world. In Australia there is a sense people from all walks of life can sit down together to share a drink in comparison to India where there is still a strong sense of belonging to the class someone is born in

Indian standard time or I must say ‘Indian Stretch time’ 

A very interesting and important cultural trait is the attitude towards appointments which vary between both countries. In India the appointment is only confirmed once your prospective appointee actually shows up. I guess Indian inability to say ‘No’ or ‘Put in an excuse ‘which is like rude plays an important role. They would rather make you wait for hours till you assume it’s cancelled or delayed. In comparison Australian are quite upfront and value each other time. They would rather call you to say ‘NO’ or ‘give an excuse ‘instead keeping you waiting and wondering. 

Privacy-Indian have No personal space... but don't touch them  

There is a marked difference between the two countries when it comes to the sense of privacy. People in India don’t guard privacy as it’s done in Australia, except in very special moments. Privacy is abundant in Australia with its merits and demerits. In India with scarcity of space density is high & people are use to rubbing shoulders in comparison to Australia where density of people is less.

 Toileting & Personal Hygiene

There are also considerable differences when it comes to personal hygiene. Using toilet paper or handkerchiefs or paper tissues may not be customary in certain parts of India where as it is a mandatory behavior expected from individuals in Australia. Indian do not  
wear shoes inside temple. However, when it comes to community hygiene it is another story altogether

Half a Million dialects Language and identity 

Hindi is the national language of India although only 41 percent speak Hindi as their first language. Other languages spoken include Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Sanskrit, and Hindustani which are regional language spoken mainly by people of a particular region like People from Punjab would generally speak ‘Punjabi in comparison to ‘Bengal’ who would mainly speack Bengali.Hence English comes to the rescue and is most suitable for national communication.

In Australia English is the only language spoken at home by 80% of Aussies.The manner it is spoken reveals the multicultural aspect of Australia and how it have shaped the Australian identity. Australian accent can vary according to identity and gender.

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What Racism means to you ?

A lot of talk is happening these days in Australia about Laws pertaining around Racism and whether these should be scrapped or not.In particular  the 'Racial Discrimination Act'. Being twelve years in Australia and of Indian origin I myself haven't faced 'Racism' but I am keen to know 'What my fellow Indian in Australia think' and what we can  as 'One community' do to make Australia a better place to live for every India.

Please spare a few moments to take survey titled 'What racism means to you? and share your individual experience of what racism means to you.Whether its the color of the skin,discrimination because you are not Australian or anything else , Your feedback is important!  

Indian in Australia

Before taking the survey below I would like us all to introspect and think 'Does Racism stop with us' 

Watch & Read More

Survey Details

The survey which I am referring is anonymous,through surveymonkey link .The direct link is https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RSBF5Y7.


The recent sucide by International student of Indian originin Australia is one of the many stories which unfortunately had a tragic ending. This however isn’t new and my experience with newcomers to Australia day in day out have clearly again highlighted a gap in the support system. 

It becomes more imperative for Indian connection whose primary goal is to support newcomers to Australia that Indian wishing to come to Australia is aware of how life in Australia can be so that they are prepared for any obstacles. Most of these obstacles aren’t that serious and is a transition phase when you move oversees.

Cultural change:-Australian work and social culture are different from those back home with few similarties.Dealing with culture change sometimes can be a daunting task and an open-minded attitude assists moving forward.Read More

Survival of the fittest:-Life in Australia isn’t all green as it looks from India. Australia no doubt is considered a ‘Lucky country’ but has its own challenges for newcomers. These challenges would be a litmus test for most of us as it stretches us away from the comfort zone which we had in India .So makes sure you have a lot of adrenaline and positive energy when you plan to come here.Read More

Moving abroad is not easy, no matter how financially prepared or how much research you have done-Understanding the settlement journey and realizing that settling down in Australia is step by step process helps in setting up your expectations right. The process time varies from person to person but we all need to follow that process. The list start from the time of  you are picked up from the airport ,find the right accommodation, opening the smart bank account, getting the Tax file number quickly, career planning-sanitise your resume, apply for job, getting a job, if a student how to transfer from Indian education system to Australian education system. The list goes on and connecting to the Indian network in Australia is a must before your departure to Australia.Read More

Being Self Aware and mixing up with broader Australian community-Settling down in Australia whether you are a migrant, student, business or work visa holder should be an amazing experience and life has its up and down (Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gam).But the settlement journey sometimes makes us so busy that we totally become unaware of our mental well being & physical resilience. Issues like home sickness, anxiety and depression do effect and early self-awareness does helps in long term.

Last but not least  develop your connection, network with Indians in Australia and broader Australia community to broaden your experience and keep in touch with your family always.

I hope you have something to think about  after reading this article and learn’t some valuable insights from it.

Remember to connect with Indian Connection to help make your stay in Australia easier.We at Indian connection offer end to end services for varied needs of Indian visiting Australia.Check out our End of review 2013 of what we do.In 2014 we have started conducting workshops for newcomers to Australia to provide them with more customized skills aligned with Australian work and social culture.

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Interesting and Funny fact of Australia No 2'Tasmanian Devil'

Australia is an interesting beautiful country and through this series of my post 'Interesting and funny facts of Australia' I will share every week one fact about Oz that I have personally researched on Australia.

Here is my no. 2
Tasmanian devils are the world's largest carnivorous marsupial( whose young are very undeveloped when born).

Devils weigh 13 to 18 pounds and range from 23 to 26 inches in length.Devils can eat about 5 to 10 percent of their body weight in a day.

The Tasmanian Devil  has the jaw strength of a crocodile and are strong enough to gnaw through metal traps.

A 10kg Tasmanian Devil is able to exert the same biting pressure as a 40kg dog. It can also eat almost a third of its body weight in a single feeding. 

Tasmanian Devil are considered a endangered species due to a fatal infectious cancer and scientists are working hard to find a cure and  the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program is working to save them from extinction.

While I am searching for the third fact on these series of post,don't hesitate to visit Australia Wikipedia and the reference material of this post to satisfy your hunger to know more about Australia.

What do you think? Please comment how we as a community can make things better for Indian international students here in Australia.

As an Australian of Indian origin I am really saddened by the news about these tragic ending of some Indian students in Australia.

I can relate to my student life in Australia and wonder how difficult it would be for those who are suffering. Being alone in a foreign country without any support and constant abuse is tough. But life isn’t all about good things so I guess bad things happen and we have to Live with it.

Said that I only wish that these tragic ending don’t spread more.There is definitely more to why these tragic event might occur but clearly for  newcomers to Australia(students or migrants) there is  clearly a gap in the support system.

I think it’s time that Indian community in Australia, Indian Consulate & Australian government should stand up and extend help to Indian students so that they don’t feel alienated in a new country.

What do you think? Please comment how we as a community can make things better for Indian international students here in Australia.

Lets together make Australia a pleasurable experience for all

Invitation to tell the Indian community your Settlement in Australia story?

We are looking for your settlement in AUSTRALIA stories! How you found the process and advice you would give to others doing the same process .We are looking for a total of 10 different stories so please email us as soon as possible thanks! info@indianconnection.com.au

Interesting and Funny fact of Australia No 1'Kangaroo'

Australia is an interesting beautiful country and through this series of my post 'Interesting and funny facts of Australia' I will share every week one fact about Oz that I have personally researched on Australia.

Here is my no.1

Interesting and Funny fact of Australia #1.

1)The official animal of Australia is the Kangaroo.They are not particularly good at walking backward and they are symbolic of Australia's determination to move forward as a nation.Go Aussie!!!!

2)Kangaroo meat can be purchased from the supermarket, butcher and available on restaurant menus as a leaner and healthier alternative to beef or lamb with a 1-2 percent fat content.

3)There are an estimated 40 million kangaroos in Australia.

4)A baby kangaroo at the time of its birth measures 2 centimeters.

5)Kangaroos need very little water to survive and are capable of going for months without drinking at all. When they do need water, they dig 'wells' for themselves; frequently going as deep as three or four feet. These 'kangaroo pits' are a common source of water for other animals living in the kangaroo's environment.

6)A kangaroo being chased by a dog may jump into a dam. If the dog gives chase, the kangaroo may turn towards the dog, then use its paws to push the dogs head underwater in order to drown it

7)Kangaroo is Aborigine language for, “I don’t understand what you’re saying.

While I am searching for the second fact on these series of post,don't hesitate to visit Australia Wikipedia to satisfy your hunger to know more about Australia


Dear Vivek,

I write this mail thanking you for all the support you have provided. The services which I enrolled in your company like "Resume editing" and "Consultancy" were really useful. 

It's very important to know the culture of Australia, How to search a job here, especially when we arrive from different country. Resume writing and job hunting is a different ball game. It needs dedicated time, effort and guidance. The conversation we had was really helpful to understand what needs to be done. I realized that I have to change the strategy to find a job. I thank you for showing me the right path and asking me to put all the efforts, Without this guidance it would have been difficult for me to settle. 

I hope every job seeker in Australia meets a person like you who can guide him. Thanks once again for all the help. It was my pleasure meeting you.

With Warm Regards,



For the past 2 decades I have lived and worked both in Australia and India for different organizations. It has given me a unique perspective and I have become more responsive to the differences in cultures across both the countries. You can say I have become more cultural sensitive. Good or bad but these interesting differences are worth exploring when you go from one country to next. I have put down my Top 5 work culture difference between India and Australia.

Working Hours 

The amount of time that people work during a typical day will vary between each country. People in Australia typically engage in traditional eight-hour work days similar to what people in the west use. Meanwhile, people in India are known to work for ten to twelve hours in a day. The big difference is that Australia promotes a fair work and family balance where as in India this concept is still far-fetched.

Work Culture-relationships with boss

Australian workplace promotes cordial relationship between you and your boss in comparison to that of India.Aussie bosses encourages a flat organization where communications are less formal and calling by names is OK. Don’t shy away if you find your prospective boss direct or over friendly it’s the way of life in Australia. Catching for a coffee or a beer at bar for finalizing a project is normal.Meanwhile, it is more formal in India and hierarchical organization engagement is preferred which of course is dependent on the overall culture of the workplace. As per research by Geert Hofstede and collaborators Australia is a Low power distance culture as compared to India which is predominantly High power distance culture. 

Equal opportunity employment

As more and more jobs I did, I had more sense of appreciation and respect to my Australian employers.
The laid back attitude of Australian and their appreciation of my hidden skills made things easier for me. Every opinion is listened too without being judgmental. In comparison for right or wrong reasons Indian employees tend to be judgmental at times due to societies traditional perception of caste, creed, color, gender and sexual orientation.

Dignity of Labor 

No work is low and the idea of doing what you like to earn livelihood fascinates Aussies.At the end of the day there aren't any division on the basis of work you perform. The Australian respect dignity of labor unlike Indian work culture where society frowns when you take a job beneath you. Respecting individual identity fascinates Australian work culture.culture. In fact a cleaner or a plumber in Australia might earn more than an IT professional.

Being on time, keeping promises and delivering results

The Australian work culture is polite in its own way and a professional code of conduct is mandate in all engagements. Your behavior and everyday actions play an important aspect of your performance at job. Always remember the PIE rule to excel in work Performance, Image and Exposure. The words like please and sorry and thank-you is among the most used words in their day. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and be open about things if project go pear shaped. 


Welcome to Australia. Indian Connection is a community organisation designed to help Indian international students get the most out of their Australian experience. We provide the support network you need to make friends, connect to your culture, link you up with cultural events and assist you for times when you might come across a difficult situation.


Live safely in Australia
Australia is a great place to study. In order to make your experience even better always keep the general rules of your safety in mind as if you are back in India.e.g
->Keep your valuable items including documents in a safe place; make sure you keep photocopies of your passport.
->Always carry with you some identification and an emergency contact number.
->Avoid travel alone in late night and let someone know if it’s absolutely necessary. Familiarise yourself with the route on Google map.
->Don't carry more cash with you than what is required.

Be brand ambassador of India  
Australia is a multicultural society and our individual behaviours have a huge impact on Indian image overall. At the end of the day the way an individual behaves depicts the image of their country; remember that certain aspects of Australian culture are different from your own like
->Invading another person's privacy or personal space. Maintain some distance from the person you are talking to (at least an arm’s length).
->Being polite and greeting people with a G’day and always using ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’
->Respect others time and avoid being judgemental towards people on the basis of their dress, colour

Student Help Websites and Centres:
The high commission of India in Australia student’s resources guide
Need help?
• Emergency (Police/Fire/Ambulance) call Triple Zero (000)
• Lifeline (crisis support) 131 114
• International Student Legal Advice 9698 7645
• Department of Immigration and Citizenship 131 881

Top 10 reasons why Indian should move to Australia

1) Australia has become a magnet for Indian migrants.

Now India is Australia's biggest source of migrants. Figures released showed nearly 30,000 Indians arrived in Australia in 2010-11, surpassing arrivals from Britain and China. The number of Indian-born Australians has trebled in a decade with the number of Australians who identify themselves as of Indian origin now more than 400,000. Hinduism has become the country's fastest growing religion and more than 100,000 Australians speak Hindi at home.

 2) Skills Shortage

Indians are Australia's most skilled, successful middle class migrant group. Three quarters of Indians who arrived in Australia in last decades have entered under the skilled migration program. The largest job category is ''professional'', followed by clerical and administration, and technicians and tradespeople.

3) The quality of life is very good

Ever heard about work and family balance. Yes that what life is all about in Australia. Australian workforce rule encourages the work and family balance .This includes flexible working arrangement to make sure that you are with your family when they need you. Overall Australia is country which works well both politically & socially and encourages positive lifestyle. The Herald's Lateral Economics Well being Index even states that Australia is one of the friendliest places to live in.Australia is seen as a country that functions well by most India who feel that it would be better if India’s government and worked more like Australia's.

4) Multicultural Society

Australian society is a product of a unique blend of established traditions i.e aboriginal and new influences i.e. new migrants. Majority of population in Australia are migrants, many of them which have the same shared reason to come to Australia i.e. motivated by a commitment to family, or a desire to escape poverty, corrupt political system, war or persecution. One out of five Australian’s are born oversees and the ratio is increasing, which means in Australia you would never stand out as a foreigner.

5) Medical Services & Benefits

Australian medical service Medicare caters for the need to overall population of Australia in fairly decent way. Through Medicare, world class medical services are accessible to the general population and general practice services are free. Some families opt for private medical insurance which makes sure there aren't any surprises when your family needs specialized medical treatment. The portion of premium of private medical insurance is tax deductible which provides that extra lump sum for your family at the end of the year.

6) Education System

Education overall is totally based on the natural inclination and passion of Kids aptitude rather than an imposition of what their immediate surrounding environment suggests. Right from kinder garden kids are taught to be independent learners and exposed to various activities. Extra emphasis is put on each kid’s special skills which could be academic or sports. Overall Education system is competitive without putting kids under.

7. Weather

The weather in Australia is known for being relaxing with temperatures that don't go over 30 degree too many times in the summer season. In addition, snow and icy conditions hardly ever occur in the country. This is a relatively relaxing time and enjoyable place to live in. If you looking for hot summers by the beech and mild winters than Australia is the place to be.

8. Economy and Job Market

Australian economy has been a success story among the developed countries of the world. It’s continues to grow and is competitive. Unemployment rate is stable with few fluctuations and if you’re smart, positive, have a good English level and the right attitude, you’ll find lot of work opportunities. It’s no wonder Australia is often called “the lucky country”!

9. It's More Spread Out

The population density in Australia is much lower than what is in other countries. The country is home to about seven people per square mile, thus giving people more than enough space to breathe. Australian landscape is beautiful and unique with many natural wonders which Indian really appreciates and enjoy.

10. Easy to Adapt

Overall Australia is easy to adapt for most of the Indian. The Australian way of living, if you are prepared to come to terms too is really easy. Basic aspects like  cricket,weather, left hand drive, spoken English, competitive work culture; study opportunities are similar to the Indian way of living. In addition to that Australia now has a good number of Indians settled in every state which would never make you feel home sick. Major cities has Indian associations ,religious places  Indian restaurants ,Indian movies and many Indian events happening to get your self involved in Desi cultural and social activities.

Indian Oz Connection Customer Testimonial

Vaibhav & Kavita on their arrival in Sydney after Indian connection picked them up from airport and dropped them at the respective accommodation.

Their Testimonial of our services

"Vivek is really nice and genuine person who likes to help new migrants like us. Services provided by him are fantastic, affordable and within budget, exactly as per our requirements. He understood our needs and mindset clearly. We really thank him for his help in finding us a home away from home, here in Sydney.

We Would definitely recommend him for those coming to Australia and want a good Indian mentor."

2013 was a year of change for the Indian migrants in Australia in more ways than one.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the New Year! 
2013 was a year of change for the Indian migrants in Australia in more ways than one.

India become the leading source of migrants

People of Indian origin have become one of the Australia largest and fastest growing migrant communities.In fact Australia saw an increasein influx of Indian travels visiting Australia in 2013, which Tourism Australia believes to increase in coming year with Air India commencing new direct flights connecting Delhi with both Sydney and Melbourne.

More Indian students likely to choose Australia

Seventy five percent of Indians still think Australiato be a good place for education in spite of controversies over Indian students’ welfare few years ago.

Australia speeding up Visa program

Perhaps the biggest change beneficial to Indian aspiring to come to Australia has been the appointment of Scott Morrison as the Immigration minister. In October he announced that Australia would speed up the Significant Investor Visa Program to make it quicker for foreign investors to migrate to the country. In addition to that he would prioritize Skilled Migration

Uranium Sale

The big news for 2013 for the Australian Indian community perspective was the Australia Federal Election which would assist India buying Uranium moving forward as there is now an agreement on this issue with the current Liberal government, and negotiations towards a bilateral safeguards agreement are underway with its nuclear deal.

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas
Sydney hosted the seventh Pravasi Bharatiya Divas to connect Indian Diaspora and opportunity for Indian community in Australia to contribute in the relationship between the two countries.

Cricket –The Game changer

Cricket continued to help deliver a positive image of both Australia and India and assisting two countries grow closer. Although Australia tour to India in early 2013 was one of the darkest days in Australia team history.Mohali again played a place in the black book of Australia Cricket.

Shahrukh khan featured in Temptation reloaded in last year Parramasala event organised by Parramatta council.

With all said and done, whatever happened in 2013 is history and the New year 2014 is what is in front of us and I am sure its going to be another year of achievement for all of us.
With best wishes life changing 2014!!

Disclaimer The Intention behind initiating this blog is to share my experiences through articles which are of interest to the Indian coming to Australia. Indian Migrant Life in Australia Blog will also contain articles from other sources, the information in which could directly or indirectly impact you. even though the aspiration is to provide you with the most accurate details in the most timely manner, accuracy of information could change with time of publication of each posting. Indian Migrant Life in Australia blog is only your guide which gives you pointers and suggestions. It is your responsibility to work towards what is best for you. This blog cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred by you as a result of error, omission or misinterpretation of any piece of information provided.

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