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Australia career competition and tips

*Indian Connection | Australia career competition and tips | Enter Now | Last day*


Ending on 22nd September

Giveaway exclusive to our past and present customer ‘An ultimate Australia career competition & tips’ offering an invaluable experience to one lucky winner from India and Australia comprising.

1) A career coaching session with one the renowned career coaches in Australia
2) Interview coaching
3) A resume health check

Competition closes 5 pm AEST 22 September 2014.

Enter by simply  liking our Facebook page

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Thoughts that come into your head 'India when in Oz'

Thoughts that come into your head about India at some point when you live in Australia

House help or should I call them the ‘Magical Maids’ weren't that bad
No matter how much you disliked the way she did the cleaning and took unplanned holidays we all miss them dearly.
Not living by the rule book all the time was convenient 
Getting away from innocent mistakes(taking a U-Turn) was good for the wallet ,with a no way out available in the form of ‘Chai paani’(bribe) here in Oz.
Comfort in knowing that  cheap food and drinks are readily available on street sides 
Funny enough we miss the 'chaana bhuttura'  , chatwallah,chaiwalla,somasa more while we might have access to different variety of food in Oz

Constant and long wedding celebrations
Your were never a huge fan of ‘Attending big fat Indian Marriages ‘but since you have been away you crave it like the best place to get unlimited drinks and dinner.
Get me on the first flight home
You were never a fan of Home (India), but since you came here, it’s a emotional roller coaster, where as some days you love Being in Oz and the others you just hate it.

Sending money to India from Australia

If you are newcomer to Australia and want to send money to India, then familiaring yourself with the terms like exchange rates, current conversion charges, transfer charges ,time to transfer can help you make a better decision to compare the  different ways to transfer money to India and getting better exchange rate.

The first step to make an informed decision is to compare costs and exchange rates in Market. There is plenty of website around but the one which I often visit and found quite handy are following

Both of the above website gives a snapshot of comparison between different providers that can be used to send money to India. You can compare various features of different providers like exchange rate, cost and time to transfer on a single page.

The second step is to access the different ways of sending money to India which through my experience spans to the following categories

Online Transaction

Nowadays you can send money through internet by setting up an initial account with the provider who then transfers the money to the nominated receiver bank account in India.The transfer method is convenient and fast but you need to make sure you are comfortable with the provider and make sure check the security features of the website.

                 International Money transfer through your Australia Bank

Although an expensive proposition as far as the fee is considered Australia banks provide IMT services to India which can take up to 5 days.

Although i myself haven't used this service but if you want to try I would recommend Common wealth bank who I am banking with last 12 years 

International Money transfer through Indian Bank in Australia

If you have a bank account with an Indian bank who has branches in Australia then you might be able to get a better exchange rate through online transfer as there won’t be any processing fee.

Over the counter

Over the counter is the  easy and secure way to transfer money to India with cash or your efpos card. You might approach a money transfer company at their store front or use a third-party convenience-store counter. The person you send the money to will collect the cash at the money transfer office in their country. International money order

Alternative ways to earn money while you are in Australia

While your day Job would be the ideal source of substantial income,there are alternative ways to earn Australia Dollars in the interim while you are looking for a Job in Australia.
This is not an idea of getting rich quickly but with due persistence, in long term definitely helps in evolving a supplement source of income once you land up in a Job.

Here are some ways you can moonlight( have a second job), and end up with some money.

If you have the basic computer knowledge and flair of writing you can easily earn some money. All you need is to have a website or even a blog just like mine to be able to put up relevant Google ads on the content pages of your site and earn money. The more visitors come and check your website and blogs and click the relevant ad sense the more money your earn.

Some tips of Caution

Don’t click your own ads

Don’t Encourage visitors to click on ads.

Basically don’t cheat Google will catch you, sooner or later

If you like shopping then becoming Mystery shopper wouldn't be a bad idea to earn money. Mystery shoppers are paid for each assignment they complete as per specific instructions provided by the market research company. These instructions pretty much specifies you where to shop, what to look for and report back with your experiences in regards to customer service, housekeeping of the shop and general attitude of employees.

Paid Market research

Paid market research is probably the easiest way to get paid which includes attending paid focus groups or getting paid for submitting your opinion online and doing online survey in your spare time. The key here is to diversify your online portfolio with different market research companies to maximize your earning. 

Some of the legitimate paid research companies are as follows.

1)Stable Research Click Here to Signup

2)Real time Research

3)Pure Purple

4) Valued opinions

5) Rewards Central

Start your Home based business 

Way back in 2008 I had put together a Home based Business opportunity for Indian woman who have a passion of providing services like threading and facial initially. The value proposition of this particular Home based business is that Indian Diaspora is increasing in Australia and Indian woman are seeking convenient and cost effective beauty parlours closeby.Read more 

How are you celebrating your Indian Independence Day in Australia

Taking place on August 15th every year, Indian Independence Day commemorates the end of three century -long British rule over India. Indian Independence Day is typically celebrated by Indian around Australia by attending ceremonies conducted by Indian consulate around different states in Australia, where families get together, sing the national anthem and pay respect to the national flag. Unlike in India, Indian independence falls in the middle of winters in Australia and produces different activities of celebration, including fireworks.
Whether you’re a visitor, new comer  to the great land Down Under (or an Aussie traveler), there are many ways to celebrate Indian Independence Day besides the traditional flag Hosting ceremony and crowd gathering events, no matter where you might be travelling on the big day or corresponding weekend.
Independence Day is celebrated with joy and pride in the Indian community and there isn't no hard and fast rule on how to celebrate the day. But it is always great if you feel like participating any way you can ,be it taking the day off to relax ,picnic out door or partying it up. Think of it much like Australian day and try out some out of the box ideas to celebrate your Indian Independence Day in Australia the Aussie way.
-Having Indian flags on your cars on the day would show how you love your country of birth even while you are in Australia.
-Setting the social media scene by depicting Indian flags on your cover photo and profile.

-Watch on YouTube- 68th Independence Day Celebrations – PM’s address to the Nation - LIVE from the Red Fort,


Here is what is happening around Australia during Indian Independence day weekend. 
IndiaAustralia Friendship fair 2014-United Indian association would be celebrating Indian Independence day at Blacktown International sports park,eastern road Blacktown ,all day on Sunday 17th August 2014.

India Day Dinner Function 2014-Council of Indian Australians would be Celebrate India’s Independence Day this Friday, August 15, 6.30pm to 11pm at the Castle Grand, corner Pennant and Castle streets, Castle Hill.
Bollywood Club presents Independence day party 9.30 pm onwards this Friday ,August 15 at MIIND Night club,169 Oxford street Darlinghurst.

A flag-hoisting ceremony conducted by Indian consulate of Melbourne will be held at 8 Landale Road Toorak, Vic-3142 on Friday 15th August from 9.30hrs to 10.30hrs.

Indian Independence will be celebrated organised by IAAC at Weston Neighbourhood Hall 6 Gritten Street Weston ACT2611 on Sunday 17th August from - 3:00pm - 6:00pm
IndianAustralian Association of South Australia (IAASA) Presents Independence Day Celebrations in Adelaide on 16th August 2014 at Dom Polaski Centre, 232 Angas Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

On Sunday, 10 August, GOPIO Queensland will be celebrating the Indian Independence with a grand India Day Fair 2014 event at the Roma Street Parkland’s amphi-theatre.
ISWA proudlypresents NAVRANG - Colours of India (An evening full of Indian Classic, Folk and Bollywood Dances) on the occasion of 68th Independence Day of India,on saturday 23rd August at 4:30pm for a 5pm start. 

Top things Indian People share on Face book while in Australia

We all have done it, sharing our status on Facebook.How many of the below resonates with 

Top of the list

Happy Friday's-For most Indian Friday is time for fun, after a long week under their belt everyone one wants to crack a smile and laugh.


Proud parents and kids-My kids are the best and who doesn't think that. This is something Indians are really proud of and its a gives feeling of excellent parent hood


Inspirational quotes Share inspirational quotes on Facebook is quite a standard practice right across the community not just because we like it ,it makes us feel motivated and empowered, and  we want others to know about it:


A selfie with Bollywood starr or Aussie girls -Yes you know who you are!! Its all about impressing the crew back home.


A Holiday update -Whether we are in Australia or India or pretty much anywhere we commonly go along the lines of “Flying to India! – At The Sydney Airport” Or “Never going to swim with my phone  again!”


There is probably a lot more what we share and I am interested to know what they are. Hope you enjoyed the article and be sure to share it

Change your Friday night for once

Indian Connection Proud Supporter of 2nd Annual Showtime by Firangi Paani in association with Microrentals presentsThe Bollywood Style Moulin Rouge.Friday, 5th September 2014 from 7:30pm till Midnight.Parravilla Function Centre - 42 Campbell St. Parramatta, NSW 2124.

Indian Connection warmly invites its readers to  Firangi_Paani_Showtime 2014 As a good will gesture we are offering a  $5 off to our readers valid until 15 August.Use Promo Code 'INC'.Tickets Avaliable at Firangi Paani official ticket partner Ticket bud.

What is Showtime - The Bollywood Style Moulin Rouge?

Showtime is a platform designed to develop the concept of ‘Mateship’ among Indian Diaspora, the key to contact with Indian gentlemen in Australia to enhance social, cultural, professional and business relations over drink and westernised styled Bollywood  ‘Moulin Rouge.

More reasons why you should change your Friday night for once on 5th Sept 2014 and Show you are willing to be “one of the mates"

FACT #1 – It's Showtime Season

You don't have to wait for another kids birthday to do something fun with your friends. Kid’s birthdays are great ...but so is Showtime. Even better, you can invite as many people as you want and you don't have to buy a gift.

FACT #2 Feedback from the boys from previous Showtime

“I enjoyed connecting with Indian Diaspora I don't usually would connect with while I fulfill my usual full-time role of working and being a family man. Showtime allows me to relax emotionally and mentally, and I find this happens the very nanosecond greeting handshakes are exchanged

 “As much as I love my wife and kids, around them I can’t talk sport, take the piss out of each other, and debate the hottest Bollywood girl of all time. The Showtime lets us get back to our childish selves that we can't always be now we've grown up. It's also great for the other half, as space is important and my wife has a credit for a girls' Friday night out away.”

FACT #3 Supporting research

A study at Cornell University found men who do not spend enough time with mates can actually feel less attracted to their partner. Professor Benjamin Cornwell noted that reducing contact with male friends can be dangerous.
Co-author Edward Laumann commented: “(A man needs) to have someone to talk to about the things that matter to him – whether it's cricket, politics, what car he is going to buy, or worries about his health or his job. The important thing is that he can let it all hang out and know that what he says isn't going to get straight back to his wife.
FACT  #4 Conclusion
For any man out there wanting evidence to show his partner that ShowTime is not just about reminiscing about our misspent youth, drinking  and telling jokes, feedback from the boys of previous Showtime along with additional research allows me to conclude that an annual boys Showtime has a multitude of emotional and psychological benefits. How can you argue with that?
Indian Connection warmly invites its readers to  Firangi_Paani_Showtime 2014 As a good will gesture we are offering a  $5 off to our readers.Use Promo Code 'INC'.Tickets Avaliable at Firangi Paani official ticket partner Ticket bud.

Indianconnection.com.au-Introducting new online features


Just landed in Australia or thinking of coming to Australia

We at Indian connection connect Indian to Australia with arrival services,immigration,settlement support
job opportunities,career coaching

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our new online features, including social media chat and instant messaging  plus subscribe to our Newsletter for specific information of job in Australia relocation directory,events and much more.

Subscribe to our Newsletter on Indianconnection.com.au before 31st July 2014 and you will be entered into a draw to win ticket for our next event!

Key Features

Support Petition to Reinstate Parent Visa(Sub-Class 103)

From 2 June, Immigration Australia have permanently closed the following visa subclasses in the Family Stream of the Migration Programme to new applications:
  • Parent visa (subclass 103)
  • Aged Parent visa (subclass 804)
  • Aged Dependent Relative visa (subclasses 114 and 838)
  • Remaining Relative visa (subclasses 115 and 835)  
  • Carer visa (subclasses 116 and 836).
The visas will be closed to new applications before the start of the 2014-15 Migration Programmer year.

Pardesi Express which is a community newspaper has raised the concerns  pertaining to the permanent closure of the Parent Visa Sub Class 103  in the form a Petition. 
IndianConnection support this initiative of Pardes Express and would requests our readers to 'KINDLY SIGN AND SUPPORT PETITION RAISED BY “PARDEsI EXPRESS” It is impossible for an average family to raise $125,000 (for Contributory Visa) to get our parents here in Australia. As our parents will be residing overseas, it will affect our daily life, our productivity most of all our children especially those where both partners are working.
If our parents join us, they can look after their grandkids which would be beneficial for government to save child care & Centrelink entitlements as well for us, our kids will learn moral & family values from their grandparents.

For your support just visit Pardes Express Website and fill up a popup window which will be your confirmation of support.


Please fill up the following details and email back to info@pardesexpress.com
I agree to reinstate Parents Visa Subclass 103.

Contact No.

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