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Indian Oz Connection Customer Testimonial

Vaibhav & Kavita on their arrival in Sydney after Indian connection picked them up from airport and dropped them at the respective accommodation.

Their Testimonial of our services

"Vivek is really nice and genuine person who likes to help new migrants like us. Services provided by him are fantastic, affordable and within budget, exactly as per our requirements. He understood our needs and mindset clearly. We really thank him for his help in finding us a home away from home, here in Sydney.

We Would definitely recommend him for those coming to Australia and want a good Indian mentor."

2013 was a year of change for the Indian migrants in Australia in more ways than one.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the New Year! 
2013 was a year of change for the Indian migrants in Australia in more ways than one.

India become the leading source of migrants

People of Indian origin have become one of the Australia largest and fastest growing migrant communities.In fact Australia saw an increasein influx of Indian travels visiting Australia in 2013, which Tourism Australia believes to increase in coming year with Air India commencing new direct flights connecting Delhi with both Sydney and Melbourne.

More Indian students likely to choose Australia

Seventy five percent of Indians still think Australiato be a good place for education in spite of controversies over Indian students’ welfare few years ago.

Australia speeding up Visa program

Perhaps the biggest change beneficial to Indian aspiring to come to Australia has been the appointment of Scott Morrison as the Immigration minister. In October he announced that Australia would speed up the Significant Investor Visa Program to make it quicker for foreign investors to migrate to the country. In addition to that he would prioritize Skilled Migration

Uranium Sale

The big news for 2013 for the Australian Indian community perspective was the Australia Federal Election which would assist India buying Uranium moving forward as there is now an agreement on this issue with the current Liberal government, and negotiations towards a bilateral safeguards agreement are underway with its nuclear deal.

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas
Sydney hosted the seventh Pravasi Bharatiya Divas to connect Indian Diaspora and opportunity for Indian community in Australia to contribute in the relationship between the two countries.

Cricket –The Game changer

Cricket continued to help deliver a positive image of both Australia and India and assisting two countries grow closer. Although Australia tour to India in early 2013 was one of the darkest days in Australia team history.Mohali again played a place in the black book of Australia Cricket.

Shahrukh khan featured in Temptation reloaded in last year Parramasala event organised by Parramatta council.

With all said and done, whatever happened in 2013 is history and the New year 2014 is what is in front of us and I am sure its going to be another year of achievement for all of us.
With best wishes life changing 2014!!

Indian Connection 2013 Year In review

What a year 2013 has been for Indian Connection Australia and for you, our customers!
We have done so many exciting things like –opened offices in India, added extra capacity of accommodation sites across Australia, we gave our customer $10 free international calling card when they availed our Airport pickup services, and have added wide range of value added services to our portfolio like City Tour, Cultural Orientation & Job marketing.
We’re really proud of our achievements in 2013 so decided to put them altogether in a little snapshot of our 2013 in review.

Check out and tell us what you think.

India VS Australia-Are Indian better off in Australia?

Ever since the Bollywood movie ''Dil chahta hai'' hit the cinema's in early 2000 many Indian including me were impressed by better quality of life in Australia.

Since then thousands of Indian have made it to Australia hoping to make a better life and the number continues to increase.

But recently some Indian in Australia have started to ask the question-Are we better off back in India or should we stay in Australia.

The below comparison tries to answer the question for Indian in Australia

So as far as our study is concerned Indian in Australia in 2013 is better off back in India.

This is the current situation which might change in years to come but we all have our personal reason to stay in Australia or move back to India which is the deciding factors where you live.

For me personally there is more to life than the cold numbers of GDP and economic statistics and currently I am happy in Australia

Please be free to share your valuable comments if you feel other wise and may be share the analysis with your friends too Thanks Indian connection

References I am happy to provide the reference of above data on request.

Trying to find initial accommodation when arriving in Sydney first time

Trying to find initial accommodation in Sydney can be a daunting experience when you are still in India. There are hundreds of rental properties available on the internet to choose from and without any appropriate support it becomes hard to choose the right rental property which would meet your needs.

With increase in migrants from India in last 12 months I have been receiving a lot of request for assistance in finding the right rental property for many of my fellow Indians. The first thing which worries new migrants coming to Australia is finding a suitable inexpensive place to live and someone to actually pick them from airport and drop them to that suitable place.

‘Peace of mind’ is what I am told my fellow Indian are looking for in new a country and they don’t want to have a bad start for a new Journey.

‘Don’t Panic ‘through this blog post I would try to provide information so that my fellow Indian can make a right choice when looking for rental property.

1) When arriving in Australia for first time you should commit yourself for short term accommodation which can vary from one week to up to 3 months instead of a long term accommodation which generally has a 6 months commitment i.e. lease for long term accommodation

The reason of doing this is to buy yourself some time before you find a job so that you can make individual assessment of the right location you want to live. In addition to that it does help save you a fair amount of dollars i.e. bond for 6 months lease for long term accommodation

Other benefits include that your short term accommodation becomes a bench mark to help you find the right rental property later where as your able to answer question like question your previous address and provide necessary reference details.

2) When finding short term accommodation it is always handy to have a local contact that can do the necessary search for you and make sure your needs match the rental property . Ideally a good rental property (shared accommodation) would be of 4 weeks tenure with following highlight like close to transport, access to Central business district via public transport, acces to a shopping, surrounded by Indian community base so that you won’t feel home sick, access to WIFI internet etc.

In a nutshell I think finding a rental property can be done quite easily but you need to plan and buy yourself some time. The best way is to get a local contact find you a reasonable short term accommodation while you take care of other challenges involved in re-locating to a new country.

Are you an Indian Company looking for furnished accomodation for Employees in Sydney?

Indian connection provides furnished accomodation services to employees/executives of Indian companies who are coming to Sydney for a period of time for work.

We maintain these premises on regular basis to provide a high quality living environment.Theemployees/ executives have options of shared accommodation or individual accommodation based on their budget and .

In addition to that we offer Supplementry Services
Airport pickup and drop

Mobile phones

Internet access - Wireless Card

Weekend Tours and Travel

Car rentals

Pre-packed Lunches and Dinners

How do I get a Job in Australia ?

How do I get a job in Australia is most common question

asked by many fellow Indians looking to start a new life

 in Australia.The answer to this question is usually dependent

on which Visa you will utilise to get yourself a job here,however

there are so many options available to get a visa in Australia that

deciding which one is the most suitable can be tricky.Australian

 department of immigration has introduced a new tool to help

 guide users through the tricky process of choosing the most

 appropriate visa.The 'Viza Wizard' help you find the visa

 most suitable to meet your specific requirement.

Travel Guide to Australia

Sydney or Melbourne? You Decide!

If you are thinking about moving to Australia then consider taking some Australian holidays before deciding where to move.  I would recommend booking your flights to Melbourne or Sydney as the starting point.
The East coast of Australia is the most densely populated one, with a large diversity of landscapes and weather zones to choose from. It is also easiest to find work and accommodation in the larger cities, as well as to get to know the modern Australian culture.

Sydney is the largest city in the country, and probably the best known outside Australia as a great place to visit. And it’s true: the historic harbour area, with the Sydney Opera House, the coat-hanger shaped Harbour Bridge and the Rocks markets is a tourist’s dream. However, Sydney is also quite pricey to live in and very spread out, so it can take quite a bit of time to get from place to place, due to both traffic and a public transport system that could use some TLC.

Then again, if you’re here you might like the bustling atmosphere: of all the largest cities in Australia, Sydney sleeps the least. There is a fabulous Aquarium to visit, right in the beautiful Darling Harbour area, as well as a Wildlife Centre if you would like to see a koala as soon as possible! Also, don’t miss having a dip at Bondi Beach, the serenity of the Chinese Gardens and a drink at 360°, located at the top of Sydney Tower: the views from this revolving restaurant are breathtaking. 

 Melbourne on the other hand is much cooler than the sub-tropical Sydney, especially in winter, so if you plan to relocate here, you must grow to love your layers. The city has an old-world European charm about it, with tons of preserved Victorian architecture and plenty of trams which will help you to easily get around to see it all. 

Melbourne is blessed to have both the Yarra river winding through it and the ocean nearby too, easily accessed from St Kilda pier. It does not have Sydney’s beaches however, for that you would need to drive further, to Mornington Peninsula. 

Full of character, Melbourne has fashioned itself into the cultural capital of Australia, offering the latest trends in food, fashion and entertainment. The inner suburbs have plenty of treasures to offer. Make sure to see the Victoria Markets,  have a cappuccino on Lygon Street, take a ferry to Williamstown and go for a visit to Healesville Sanctuary to see the amazing Australian wildlife. There are also great tours of wineries in the nearby Yarra Valley. Another advantage to living in Melbourne, are the cheap flights to Tasmania, yet another fantastic place to explore in Australia.

About the Author:  Patricia Bieszk is a freelance writer and an avid traveller who's visited all the continents at least twice. When not writing about her adventures, which usually keeps her on the

We are well settle professional couple in India,should we apply for PR and migrate to Australia?

I have been asked this question so many times so I thought its important I write down my
views on this question.

Q1)Is my decision to migrate to Australia is right or wrong?

 Migrating to Australia is undoublty a right decision you have chosen.Australia offers a new experience altogether which every Indian should go through.It has its challenges which are rewarding in the end all you need is courage to stick your decision and prevail.With time these challenges become a habit and you start liking the place.

I congratulate you on your decision to migrate of Australia and I am sure you are looking forward to grab this opportunity.Your apprehension about this new venture  is normal.Australia is a good place to be and being a multicultural society its also adventurous.

No doubt its a big decision to take but as long as you are a flexible to handle different ways of doing things adaptable to have a laugh to yourself at some interesting cultural clash situation and lastly comfortable in your company..because you are going to develop a day - day to social life from scratch,you will be ALRIGHT!!!

Q2)May i get the job in my field  e.g Telecom in Australia easily?

Getting a job in your in field in Australia is a slow process and might take some time.The time taken depends upon an individuals and varies how sooner you understand how Australia work culture is different.

Australia still has a low employment rate inspite of the the Global financial cir sis.As long as
you know how to market your skills getting a job in your field might not be a far fetched dream.

Q3)What will be the positive and negative points on which i have to think?

Moving to Australia can be  positive and negative which is  dependant on why do you want to move to Australia..From my experience it more to do with better job opportunities,better education and better lifestyle among fellow Indians.


Moving to Australia might not solve your financial problems straightways but your lifestyle would definitely change.
If you love to surf, dive, 4WD, camp, drink and eat well then Australia will offer you years of entertainment.


Migrating to Australia will fracture your family as there  would be limited contact with wider family That's not a threat its a statement.

Moving might be stressful on all levels from the practical to the emotional.

Q4)If i do labor work in Australia what will be my earning, living expense over there? 

Your living expenses would  would include rent,grocery,travel,bills and your kid expenditure etc.Although its not difficult but it would be a challenge initially as you might have to think of doing 2 jobs.However with time and experience you can manage things properly For more tips click.

2011 Year in Review for Indian Community in Australia

First things first let me  wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. I’m sure 2012 is going to be a very exciting year for all of you as you take your own journey down under.I wish you the very best for your future.

Year 2011 was a great year for Indian community.The community presence reached 340,604 Indian-born people living in Australia. (ABS June 2011)The Indian Ministry for Overseas Indian Affairs estimates the number of Indians in Australia at 448,430 people.

Year 2011 saw a lot of positive changes happening for Indian in Australia...firstly something very close to our hearts and mind was the Uranium Sale to India.We as a community were successfull in lobbying a deal for sale of Uranium to India.It clearly tells us how important it is to let out feeling be openly known to the Australian politicians and the impact it makes for the community as a whole.

Secondly year 2011  saw less number of hatred attacks to Indian  student however not completely eradicated there is a sense of justice as the killer of  Indian student was sentenced  to a 13 year jail.

On the whole Year 2011 was beneficial as far strategic partner ship between Indian and Australia are concerned.In November 2011, India became Chair and Australia Vice-Chair of the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC).The two countries will work closely together to address challenges facing the Indian Ocean Region. Official visits ,economic and trade relationship were high on agenda which indirectly helped Indian community in Australia to flourish.

Year 2012 would definitely shows Indian shining further in Australia..Go Indian Aussie!!!!

Indian Community decision and its Impact on NSW State election results in Western Sydney

With NSW State election approaching soon I have seen
a lot of election promises coming from both labour
and liberal candidates.Although I am not sure whether
they are going to be fulfilled or not.

What I am sure of is that,Indian community can influence
the the state election results to their benefit which would
have a domino's impact at central government as well.
This impactcan be driven in Western Sydney.

It is critical at the moment that we realise what is
important to us as a individual family and as a community.

As a individual family rising prices of grocery,water,
electricity,gas ,interest rise,carbox tax etc becomes
important to first generation immigrants like me.

As a community the decision to cancel the uranium sale
to India which was earliar approved just adds to the my
importance list.

I strongly believe it time for Indian Community to rise
and make their presence felt.The stage is all set in Western

Tips to get the right job in Australia

Finding a right job can be the most difficult part in
immigrating to Australia. This article will give you
a plan, using several steps, of how to tap into the
job market in Australia, and to help to make your
dream of settling down in Australia become a reality.
Firstly congratulations of being in Australia as it
would always be much easier for you find a job being
onshore rather being offshore as Australian employer
look for someone who is already established in Australia
and can start work immediately.

Do your Research

Do your research and understand the how different is the job market is here in Australia .
After research it is time to reflect those changes on
your resume/cv.

Making changes to your resume/cv to be inline with
Australain standard is the most important factor to
make sure you receive interview calls.In addition to that attaching a cover page along with your resume
helps further.

Look for Job

Use various channels of job search and shouldn't
be just limited to online job banks like
jobsjobsjobs etc.

Use printed media like newspapers,recruitment agensies
and directlories like yahoo to look for job/companies
you would like to work for.

Remember :-

Once you find the right job to apply make sure you call
them,talk to the appropriate person and inquire about
the job to show your interest.

Always good to keep a record so that you can follow up
as most of them keep your resume/cv in store for 3-6 months.

Double check the fine print. Many of the jobs advertised
will stipulate the requirement for the job skeer to
have Australian permanent residency

Volunteer WorK Expereince

If you are able to try to line up some volunteer work
in your skills set or the organisation you would like
to work for.

This would enhance your resumeand will be to your
advantage if you have expereince working in Australia
while you are looking for a job,even if it is a
volunteer employment.

Study in Australia-Join TAFE

Its always a good idea while job hunting join a
TAFE course
in Australia in your Industry which certainly would
be advantageous for applying jobs andbuilding a Network.

Become A Freelancer.

Make self development your priorty
and work as a
to get your skills refined while you
are looking for Jobs.It would always come handy
when you will the right interview and the right job

In Summary

The feeling of not working in your field does haunt many but
you need to realise and reconnect to your emotional mindset
when you first came here and ask yourself what your vision is?

Its a step by step process to settle down in Australiaand
your final step of getting a job in your field is not that far.
Stick to your dream and enjoy what you have now.

JObs in Australia still exist in their thousands and
it shouldn't be hard to find a job once you are here
althoug it might be time comsuming.

How’s life for Indian in Australia now?

Just recently came back from India and to my surprise I was
asked the same question where ever I used to go
“How’s life for Indians in Australia?"

My Answer to this question wasn’t a perfect one for many
Indians as I myself have been living in Australia for
last 10 years. Since then Australia has provided me the
foundation of my career and moral support which wasn’t
available in India 10 years back. I wasn’t sure how should
I answer this question which seems ‘out of place’ to me.

The recent events of ‘Abuse/Attack to Indian’ in last couple of years are condemnable but have been exaggerated by media which has lead students and immigrants aspiring to come to Australia confused.

This confusion has lead to unfulfilled dreams for many. Dream to settle
down in Australia and call it your second home are lost in vain.

Without being biased I still believe Australia is a place to live in.
It is undoubtedly a place which would benefit Indian both culturally
and weather wise. Australia in last years has braced many changes
where as Business is flourishing and globalisation is still in fancy.
Whether you are a student or immigrant Australia offers best of both
the Indian Subcontinent and Western Culture.

Still that’s my personal opinion and I believe all the aspirants should properly research and consult the Australia Embassy in India before reaching any conclusion of “Life for Indian in Australia Now”.

Click her for the Link of Australian Embassy.

A techie’s guide to visiting, staying, and traveling in the Australia

It’s been a while since I came to Australia now and
with time flying away (8 years now); my only fear was
that I might loose touch with India and its people.
So I came up with an idea of helping out Indian community
through my website Indian connection and this blog.
Although my busy schedule of full time job and part time
business hardly helps but I make sure to reply to all Inquires.
This blog post is also the reason for one of these
inquiries where as someone (name not mentioned due to privacy)
asked me to write about Tips for Techies visiting Australia.

The scope of the Tips is so wide and I would try to cover them
all with an intention to update more regularly.

1)Misconception about Australia among Indian.

a)Australian aren’t racist,they are friendly and helpful,
wont make you feel like a foreigner,but dont get too
personal in the initial phase of the acquaintance.

b)Australia is very sensitive of its
environment so their quarantine
is pretty strict so watch what you bring to Australia.
So when they ask you to open your luggage don’t be surprised.
Just be yourselves,if you don't have anything to hide!.

2)Work Culture in Australia is entirely different to that of India

a) Bosses are referred by name (Equal Employment Opportunity)
b) Work to live not live to work (start and finish work on time)
c) Take a confident approach in all situations. (Australia
is a Fair society where every opinion matter)

3)Its a huge cultural shock for many,many feel home
sickand many just want to go Back because of the
comforts they have in India.

a) You would need cook you own meals, wash/iron your own
clothes, pick your own rubbish etc.It's a Self Help world.
b) Australian accent is different so if you don’t understand
the way Aussies speak, ask them again, don’t be fear full.
Australia is multicultural society where as every one speaks
English in different ways. Remember most of people are
not born in Australia.
c) Dignity of labor-All work is respectable and treated
equally in Australia.Don't judge any one from their
d) Don’t ever think of giving bribes to any official
to get your work done.

4) Expected behaviour

What behavior are expected in Australia,a country
where the people are known for their Aussie slang's,
their obsession with "beer", their no worries attitude
certain habits are mandatory like using
a) please,sorry and thank you where ever appropriate
b) using your earphone to listen to music while in a public transport
c) not speaking loudly either on phone.
d) not keeping cash on the counter in a retail counter instead
handing it over to the cashier hand
e)Need extra patience levels while when standing in queues
or while driving

5) Weather and Climate

a) Because Australia is situated in the Southern Hemisphere,
its seasons are the opposite of what they are in the Northern
Hemisphere.Spring runs from September to November, summer
from December to February, fall from March to May and
winter from June to August

6)When you return to India remember to avail the Refund
a) Refund Scheme where as GST paid on certain items which
are brought within 30 days may be eligible for a refund.
For more details check this website
b) If your employer is paying superanuation on your behalf you might
be eligible for return of your super depending upon you contract.
c) Do file your Tax return in Australia because you might be eligible
for Tax return

More Questions which might be worth answering

a) Where will you eat? -Is it good and affordable for
frequent dine out!Absolutely not although the extra expense is
worth trying.

b) Which are the places we should see! -Beech of course but always
observe the beach safely signs. Swim only at patrolled beaches,
by beach patrol life guards, and within the flag areas

c) Tips for Shopping in Australia-Direct Factory Outlet.

Rememeber it is really important to protect yourself
from sunburn at all times, but especially in summer.
You may want to wear a wide brimmed hat and use 30+ sunscreen,
as high UV levels and skin damage occurs fast, especially
mid day.

My opinion about attacks on Indian in Australia.

Being an Indian Australian living in Sydney for last 10 years,
the news of Indian being attacked in Australia trouble me.

Undoubtedly these killing isn't tolerated in any society and
should be condemned.Australia is a multicultural society similar
to India's secular nature where as people of different religion
live together in harmony and respect each other beliefs.Conflicts
arise as its human but we shouldn't be judgmental until are aware
of the facts.I can assure all Indian out their that majority of
Australian aren't Racist.
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When Did first Indians Arrive in Australia?

Indian Migrants have journeyed to Australia for more
then 100 years now.It is said that the first Indian had
come to Australia as a part of Captain Cook's ship.
Later on some of Indian also participated in the rush
for gold on the Victorian fields.As both India and
Australia were part of British colonies more Indian
started coming around 50 years ago.

The number increased after Australia abolished
"white only policy" and since then until now many
Indian have made Australia their home.

Almost all people in Australia share this legacy of
making Australia their home in one or the other,
Unless you are Aboriginal people, we all are
migrants or descendants of migrants.

This journey of Migration to Australia is portrayed in a
Migration Heritage
which I recently visited and to my
surprise I found a link which tell us the story of
Indian people and their experience,
Its a must watch

Send Gifts to your loved ones for any occasion

Indian Migrants whether they are in Australia or anywhere
else in the world are more in touch with each other these
days in camparison to 5 years back.With internet spread
all over the world keeping in touch with your family
members have never been easy.Keeping this in mind I came
accross a couple of links if you want to send gifts
to your loved ones for any occassion.


(a part of Times of Money) is an exclusive NRI portal
that offers Indians abroad a platform to connect with
their loved ones in India.


Indian connection
would be your best destination to
send gifts to Australia. All you need is to advise us
what gift you want to get delivered to your beloved one.

India Abroad Subscription by Rediff

India Aboard is one of the oldest publication which was
acquired by rediff in 2001.It offers updates of India
growing economy,cricket,bollywood news.In addition to
this it has a matrimonial and classified section for Indian
residing Abroad.Althoughits a has paid subscription but worth
it if you need news of India on the go if you are a Non Indian Resident.

India Abroad Subscription by Rediff
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SBS Insight -Australia's Largest Forum Debates about the Recent Attack

SBS is one of the few free to air channels in Australia which has a reputation of discussing different issues every week which effect the Australian community as a whole.Through one of their programs Insights this week,their charming Host Jenny Brockie helped streamline a Debate- Are the attacks on overseas students racially based?She has the talent of guiding the debate in a non judgemental way where every one has their say and at the end of it you(viewer) Have a lot things to make your own opinion about the issue.

I would Highly recommend all of you to watch this program and make your own opinion as this is the platform which is no biased.

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Home Based Business for Indian women in Sydney

Since I got married in year 2004 another business opportunity with huge potential amoung Indian community came to my mind. I am sure many of you already know about it, I thought to share it anyway.

During the initial days of my wife arrival to Sydney she wanted to get busy with something while I was at work, so we researched a bit and found that opening up a beauty parlour at home is a good idea. It’s an easy way to earn some extra cash while you stay at home. All you need is a bit of passion and the basic of services like threading and facial initially.

Indians women prefer to get threading done and they would love to come to you if you have competitive prices. The price of threading comes out to be half that of waxing, so you have a huge potential to cater all Indian woman in your Suburb initially.Initail marketing can be done through referrals, posting advertisements in Indian Grocery stores and shops.

The success of this home based business is the costing as beauty parlours across suburbs in Sydney are expensive. In addition to the costing the comfort level is high as most of the commercial beauty parlour are busy.

So if you have passion for business and beauty this is a good option. All that you need is the experience and hard work for customer satisfaction. Main services required are threading/waxing/facial/massage/hair cut/hair stylish and if you would like to make it as a career there are courses available in TAFE too. All the Best

Accomodation for Indians in Sydney

Whether you are coming to Sydney for a long term stay
or short term,its always helpful to have a brief
review of different suburbs while making a decision
where to stay when you are in Sydney.

These reviews are my personal opinion and
experiences during my stay in Sydney for last
7 years .I have personally moved across many
suburbs and following things have helped.

For many of us cash is a huge challenge when you are
visiting oversees.Due to limited cash flow
and no job you probably would like to make maximum
use to cash you have until u find a job.

Settling in a new city is a nervous expression and it
is Handy if you have some relative to guide
through from the start when u land up in Sydney.Many of us
aren't lucky to have a relative in Sydney
so we search different options and come across different
opinions.Making a choice become even harder and you don't
seem to know what is right.Through my review I am trying to
help you make your decision.

The Suburb name I am reviewing is Campsie in NSW
of Australia.
I personally been living here for last 4 years
and have seen the growth of Indian population
during this time.Campsie is a lively suburb with
many Indian student population.Campsies location
is unique in prospective of its very affordable nature
of living.With 20 min travel to city CBD by train ,15 min from
Sydney Airports the best place to live in if you are new
to Sydney.
Campsie has four Indian Grocery Stores which offers you
standard Indian cooking needs such as dals, rice and spices,
but some of them offer fresh Indian vegetables, meat, fish
among other things.

Accommodation is affordable as compared to rest of suburbs,if
you compare in a radius of 20 min around the city CBD.The
best place to check the rentals and compare it own your own is

Since prices of commodities in Sydney varies from suburb to
suburb you end up paying less in your grocery bill in campsie
Woolworths is the most popular supermarket in Campsie for your
Grocery needs and Fruit world for fruits and veges.

Thus until you find a job you can have maximum return
of the limited cash you have at one place.Accommodation,
Grocery and Transport all at one place

In due course of time I will add pictures and the list of
the Indian Grocery stores for you.Have a nice stay in Sydney.
If you have any questions either comment on this post or
visit my website IndianConnection

If you are an international student

Nice initiative by one of the council in Melbourne to better understand international student life in Australia.

If you are an international student, please help with filling out this survey.

Click here for the Survey.
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Indian community in Australia should stand up and extend help to Indian students

As an Australian of Indian origin I am really saddened by the news about experiences of some Indian students in Australia. I can relate to my student life in Australia and wonder how difficult it would be for those who are suffering. Being alone in a foreign country without any support and constant abuse is tough. But life isn’t all about good things so I guess bad things happen and we have to live with it.

Said that I only wish that these events don’t spread more and things come back to normal. I think its time that Indian community in Australia should stand up and extend help to Indian students so that they don’t feel alienated in a new country.

Furthermore Australia government has set up a task force for the well being of oversees student along with a student hot line-1300 363 079

Due to the recent attacks to Indians students in Australia

Due to the recent attacks to Indians students in Australia,I have been bombarded with emails asking me whether it is safe to be in Australia for Indian especially Students.Its quite natural for parents to think whether they should send their kid to Australia for studies after what is happening.

In my opinion I would suggest to look at the bigger picture and not to be judgemental and remember that Australia is a multicultural society.Indian are a part of this society for a long time now and like any other society it has bad people,that doesn't mean that all are bad people.

Australian are friendly people and very helpful.Incident mentioned in media happen but there is no need to panic and spoil your future.Relax and concentrate on what's best for you.

Parents can contact me if they need any further clarification

Australian Communities which love to wear Gold prone to break in

Australian Communities which love to wear Gold prone to break in
Recently Indian Family in Australia of Indian origin had a beak in(thefts)

I want to share with you all about the difficult times Indian families face in Australia. Its no surprise even the thieves would know that but it doesn’t stop them break in and take away all their gold. Indian families are a target of thieves for a along time and I am so surprised there hasn’t been a single awareness campaign by Indian consulate, Australia Police not even the council to beware the community of the risks.

Recently one of my friends was break in(theft)in broad day light from the front door. Wonder if his family was inside. Luckily they weren’t but financially they have lost every thing they had in the foreign land. With no financial security, counseling, support I still wonders how difficult it would be for them.

I am sure all of you are aware of this happening and not only Indian community but Australian communities as a whole who love to wear gold are prone to such breakin.Then why no one has taken the first step to do some thing. Like a awareness campaign, education how to avoid break-in.

The robber’s these days have gadget which detect any gold which makes their life easier. They have all the technology available to them to breakin.What about people who are still struggling to get settled in this foreign place who can’t afford security, content insurance, the only hope is to make sure they are aware of the risks.

Immigration Bridge Australia

As a part to Australian Government incentive to promote immigration and also celebrate Australia day earliar this year,I saw a nice website which tells us about thousands of stories of migrants in Australia.Its a nice website which helps you understand how many cultures Australia is made for.See

whether u should go for student visa or apply PR?

Continuation of whether u should go for student visa or apply PR?..this is my opinion ...what do u say?

As per the occupation in demand list accountant is still a occupation in demand .Australia Studies for 2 years will give you 5 points.Total points you would need to apply for migration at the moment is 120 ( 30 for age,25 for ielts if band 7 or 15 if band 6,skill jobs =60,Australian studies=5) which makes =115 if ielts band is 7).

You should be able to earn suffice to support yourself during your stay in Australia as student but remember Australian education demands alot of time if you are doing it from a Good University.Furthermore it just a matter of developing a balance between job and work.

Final decision is your whether u should go for student visa or apply PR.Keep the following in mind

1)You need to take into consideration that migration rules change frequently also.

2)You need to take into consideration the costing of student visa as compared to PR.

3)Getting PR would still take the same time its just that you are physically present in AUSTRALIA during that time.

4)Remember whenever you come to Australia life would be tough because its a new country and you would be the first generation here.The only difference is the status on your passport.If you know what i mean

Question you need to ask

1)Do you really want to study?

2)Are you prepared to do odd jobs like washing cars,gas stations,pizza hut,part time call centre because initially you might have to do all this?

OR Are you ready to wait in India until your PR comes so that at least when you come to Australia you can look for full time Job straightway.

3)How financially sound are you?

Please note that I am just sharing my experience with you and is not a professional advise there fore I do recommend you to consult a Agent to confirm as I wont be liable for anything.

Are you Indian Work Visa Holder visiting Australia for work?

Are you Indian Work Visa Holder visiting Australia for work?

Indian Connection provides accommodations of various sizes to suit your needs. From Shared accommodations to townhouses, Indian Connection has something that look after your needs. All our properties are fully furnished and located in safe residential neighborhoods which are easily accessible by transport.

We also provide the following services

Airport pickup and drop
Mobile phones
Car rentals
Wireless Internet access
Weekend Tours and Travel
Pre-packed Indian Food

Contact us for your accomodation needs and concentrate on your projects.

should I apply for Student visa or apply for PR and wait for a year to come to Australia?

should I apply for Student visa or apply for PR and wait for a year to come to Australia?

This questions seems to be a common one and making appropriate choice is even tougher,as there isn't any right or wrong way.

In my opinion Australian immigration laws are tougher as compared to 7-8 years ago and simply completing your Australian education doesn't guarantee a PR in Australia nowadays.

It comes up to your personal circumstances which would decide whether you should apply for student visa and come immediatly to Australia or wait another 1 year in your home country until your PR is being processed.

If you are still keen in applying student visa because of High standards of Australian Universities my opinion is to look for a course ,skill set which are in demand in Australia to increase your chances of PR later.See occupations-in-demand list.

Also its worth mentioning that living standards all over Australia are same and it doesn't really matter if you are in Adelaide,Perth or Sydney.At the end what matters is that you have a Job and you are able to pay your bills in your early days in Australia

Please note that I am just sharing my experience with you and is not a professional advise there fore I do recommend you to consult a Agent to confirm as I wont be liable for anything.

Things need to be done for PR if you have relative to sponsor in Australia

Things need to be done if you have relative to sponsor in Australia

Recently I have applied PR for my sister in Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176) category.Obviously the pre requisite in this category is that you need to have a relative who is ready to sponsor you.

For starters you need 100 points and the way you can achieve it is as follows

1)You will need to get you Qualification assessed by Australian Institutes.Different assessment Authority exists depending upon your qualification.See Skilled Occupation List (SOL)In my sister case it was migrate@vetassess.com.au which would assess her degree and give 50 points.Send them a email asking them the process and documents they need.The others which I am aware are msa@engineersaustralia.org.au.

2)Your age will give you 30 Points if you are less then 30 years old.

3)English Test Band 7 in all categories will give you 25 Points.

That makes your 105 points and you can Live in Australia forever.

The fees for Application is AUD $2105

I recommend you all to confirm it with an agent,as I wont be liable for any changes and moreover I am just sharing my experience.JUST MAKE AN INQUIRY WITH AN AGENT.You can see further details in Immigration Website

What does being Australian Citizen mean to me

Being cheerful,humane,mischievous,fair,generous and aggressive when cornered.
I adopt technology and food so quick that I need to buy a new gadget every year,eat different food through out the week which includes spaghetti,stay,pad Thai,sushi,yum cha,pizza,butter chicken in equal proportion of beer,scotch.

I love the culture,the quite way of negotiating my habitat,the way people
respond to bureaucratic controls,the linguistic cuteness and above all I love
being Australian

"We are young ..." "... and free"? "We've golden soil ...""Wealth for toil ..." "Our land is girt by sea" "Our land is girt by sea" "Our land abounds in nature's gifts""... renowned of all the lands"

Australian accent and their slangs..

No wonder most of Indian speak fluent English which is basically originated from British and influenced by Americans.No mater how fluent your English is and whether your from India,United Kingdom,America doesn't matter you would either love or hate Australian accent and their slang's.

Most of times in your early days in Australia you would have a confused look on your face all the time while you are wondering whether you should smile or give a person you talking to a slap.

It would just wont make sense and its normal.

Safe to say after 7 years I do pronounce certain words like the Aussies do.

So I thought why not share some Australian slang with you ,

In an attempt to help you save embarrassment or fights

Its just some of words of my head as of now

Aussie (pron. Ozzie) : Australian
Barbie : barbecue
Bludger : lazy person, layabout, somebody who always relies on other people to do things or lend him things
Bodgy : of inferior quality
Brekkie : breakfast
BYO : unlicensed restaurant where you have to Bring Your Own grog, also similar party or barbecue
Cranky : in a bad mood, angry
Footy : Australian Rules football
G’Day : hello!
Lollies : sweets, candy
chewing gun not bubble gum
sticky tape not cello tape
Mate : buddy, friend
Mug : friendly insult (”have a go, yer mug”), gullible person
No drama : same as ‘no worries’
No worries! : Expression of forgiveness or reassurance (No problem; forget about it; I can do it; Yes, I’ll do it)
Oldies : parents - “I’ll have to ask my oldies
Outback : interior of Australia
Oz : Australia!
Pokies : poker machines, fruit machines, gambling slot machines
curry muncha-curry eater--Indian
Pom, pommy : an Englishman
Postie : postman, mailman
Reckon! : you bet! Absolutely!
Smoko : smoke or coffee break
Uni : university
Ute : utility vehicle, pickup truck
Truckie : truck driver
Vedgies : vegetables
Whinge : complain
Wog : flu or trivial illness
Wog : person of Mediterranean origin. A milder insult than the same word in the UK and perhaps elsewhere

I’ve missed many please let me know by posting a comment below

Casual work for Students in Sydney

Inability to find casual/part time jobs for students arriving is Australia isn't new.Finding a casual/part time job isn't limited to just have a tax file number and a work permit its more then that.Most of us don't realise until its months of waste full searching.Through my ongoing experience in helping students getting jobs in Sydney I have always suggested student arriving in Australia to start their preparation early.

Change your resume depending upon the type of Job you are applying.

For Example :_

You don't want to mention your Postgraduate degree and be over qualified for that position.

Keep your resume short and put in details in accordance with your Job profile.Get some one to draft it for you.Its a one time investment which is worth it.Contact me if you need more details of the same.

Things like your avaliablity,referencers,previous work expereince cannot be ignored and Indianconnection helps you to get it all.

Keywords which work in Australian workplace are Team player,work without supervision,good learner etc.

Website like PloyMe is worth checking,it is a casual employment utility that connects Employers with Casual Workers to fill regular casual work and single shifts. Casual workers share their availability with Employers to get offered work by SMS and Email!

Other casual jobs which are available in your area would be Console operator at a Gas station,Car wash,Pizza Delivery,Working in Retail outlets like Woolworths,Food courts,Working as a Security Personal,Call Centre Employee,Fund Raiser.

How different is the culture in Australia compared to back home

Moving to Australia is a dream for many people back home and I surely can relate to it.If some one asks me whether its worth coming to Australia..I always tell them to visit it once and find out themselves.

Its a huge cultural shock for many,many feel home sick and many just want to go back because of the comforts they have in India.

Australian culture and attitude to life is unique and every Indian need to experience it themselves.Whether you are thinking of studying,migrating,visiting for work,business or holiday its a experience worth it,due to a mixture of weather,laid back attitude,and potential for future

The country offers a variety of cultures to newcomers from India at one place.Its a multicultural society where ever culture has its own importance and all cultural our respected equally.Obviously with this comes different ways of talking in English and surely we Indians have our own accent.So don't be fear full..its the way life is in Australia..No Worries.Australia is a Fair society where every opinoin matter

The way of life of being a Australian is lively with love of sports Australian rules football,rugby,cricket and the 3 B's which play an important part of their lifestyle Beach, Barbecue and Beer.

Australian start their day with G'day and end it by having a beer.Come and see it yourself!!!

Finally, my recommendation for dealing with cultural shock or issues is to have an openminded attitude.One thing I can say for sure: obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills to survive in a culture and practicing those skills until they become second nature requires effort, but the rewards are both heartwarming and dramatic.

How different is the job market in Australia compared to back home

Main motivators for Indian to migrate to Australia of course would be better lifestyle,career opportunities and better future for families.Image living next to harbour and going to work on a ferry.

No wonder Indian migrants are technically skilled but few end up in their dream job in Australia.Frustration prevails in the Early days of immigration where you hardly get any interview calls as you just dont go beyond the phone interview.You have posted 100s of resume and only 10 phone calls and none materialised in a job interview.


1)Job titles may be perceived differently,Same jobs responsibilities can have a different job title in Indian as compared to Australia.Fix that

2)Companies you have work in India are not know in Australia so a brief description of the same would help.(Company website,number of employees,type of organisation)

3)Don't over emphasis your qualification emphasis on the daily responsibilities at work.

4)Place 2 reference email ,phone number


Getting a Job in Australia is about selling yourself at the interview.No matter whether you were technically sound in your previous job in India,until unless you highlight your skills set,highlight that you are a team player,highlight that you believe that customer is king and more importantly provide specific evidence of success in these areas.

TIP3#Emphasis your Team player skills,customer services skills,Emphasis how you improved a process which cut costs,Remember the word Emphasis

There are areas of demand for skilled workers in almost all sectors including Engineers, Quantity , Chartered Accountants, IT professionals and Human Resources professionals,you just need to strike at the right time...and right place..Good place to find a job in Australia is to place your resume on Linkme.

Do check the state which are applying for as different states have different skills in Demand..Like a hydraulic modeller in Geology has demand in Queensland rather NSW.

For more tips register with Indianconnection specialist and do check our Blog freelance in Australia.

Indian connection is an idea or a support tool for all inspiring Indian who wish to come to Australia.

It’s a dream and I can relate to it since I was once dreaming of the same almost 8 years ago. No wonder I had a vision then to settle down in Australia and prove to myself that any thing is possible and that if you have a vision your dream definitely comes true. Back 2001 my student visa was declined first due in financial grounds. I fought back with the Australian Embassy emailed them, faxed them and even called them and finally my efforts were worthy.

Life wasn’t easy here in Sydney when I landed. I faced problem in accommodation,jobs,friends all normal stuff which a first generation person like me in Australia would .I always wanted to come back to India, my comfort zone but some thing stopped me, My vision to prove myself. “Survival of the fittest.”

14 Feb 2002 I landed in Sydney alone away from my family and girlfriend with hopes of proving myself in this new world. For someone like me who had never been away from his family not even traveled beyond Delhi in India it was a major decision, let alone I am the only son in the Family. Leaving all this I was ready to face the world and managed to share accommodation with a friend of mine.

Next step was to search for a job to be able to manage my expenses; I walked on foot with my resume according to Australian Standards from one shopping centre to another from one gas station, car wash to another. I posted millions of resume on Jobs websites.

1 April my first job in a Gas station was quite a relief which paid of my expenses like grocery, travel and accommodation. No wonder it didn’t last for long time as I had a break one night where I was almost put on ground for cash. Not fully used to the working environment in Australia where break in are common I left the job on ground of safety as my employer wouldn’t pay for compensation –remember I am still on student visa.

This is was the first I realized what it is like to be with out a Job in Australia with no cash, no support nothing but the will power to go on. With my will and never say no attitude I found my second job at Kmart as a casual customer service representative. Life was a bit smooth while working in Kmart until my casual hours were slashed because I was 23 years old and they could get some one younger for less hourly pay then me. No wonder I had to find a second job as a Pizza Del person which was fun because I used to get free pizzas drink once I used to finish work. So my life revolved around university and work all the time. I applied for my Permanent Residency in May 2004 which was delayed not to mention all the expenses associated with.

So life actually went like this for almost 4 years doing 2 jobs, working 7 days a week, from 7 in the morning until 10 pm.I was habitual now to work all day. I loved it working and earning $$$$.It was like “Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum” which kept me going and still does. No matter I am Australia Citizen, I still believe Life in Australia is a Journey full of learning, experiences and fun.Remeber it would be a struggle because I am just the first generation here.

Now I am married working ,running my small business and looking forward to help and support all new comer to this New Countery.This concept of Indian connection was developed by myself following my struggle to find genuine support when he arrived in Sydney as a student in Year 2002.I have found that my biggest struggle was to find cheap Accommodation and a Job in Sydney. I learnt the hard way!!!
I in my span of 8 years, found many students struggling in finding jobs. Not only that student didn't even know where to look for cheap alternative for accommodation, furniture and all the basic needs....I have helped those students and it has worked!
I have, over the years, cared for hundreds of Indian students in his own home and has a large international "family" as a result.
I began my career as an Electrical Design Engineer but quickly moved into Information Technology after my successful completion of Masters of Information Technology from University of Technology,Sydney.While Building a successful IT career I have also started many small businesses based in Sydney company name Smarttech Solutions,Techlogic and Indianconnection.

Half Price Movie Tickets

$8 for a movie simply print and present this voucher at the box at any
hoyts cinema also you might want to try $2 choc top with any coke& popcorn comba purchase

This offer is for a limited time, so you must get in quick!

Recipe of Pan Cakes

PAN CAKES-I love them
Ingredients (serves 4)

2 1/2 cups water
1 1/4 cups caster sugar
2 x 100g packets Dried Strawberries
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup self-raising flour,
1 1/4 cups buttermilk
1 egg
Oil cooking spray

Combine sugar, baking soda and flour in a bowl. Whisk buttermilk and egg. Stir into flour mixture.

Heat a frying pan over medium heat. Spray with oil. Pour 2 tablespoonfuls of batter into pan. Cook for 2 minutes or until bubbles form on surface. Turn. Cook a further 1 to 2 minutes or until cooked through. Repeat with remaining mixture. Serve with hot melted strawberries (cooked with mixing dried strawberries with water and sugar) berries can also be used/yogurt/ice cream/Honey/Marshmallows…….as per your taste.

Accomodation options in Australia

Accommodation is one of the main concerns for people visiting Australia. Whether you are a visitor, student, a recent immigrant you definitely need accommodation and since it is one of the main expenses you need to know your choices.

There are different types of accommodation available in addition to rental accommodation in Australia.Home stay, share accommodation are some kind of short term facilities which are cheap and good starters.

Home stay is all about experiencing the Australian lifestyle.

Its basically you get to stay with families, in their homes and feel like home in a different country.

It’s a great way to assimilate to the new country until you feel comfortable

You make great friends and can learn a lot from their experiences.

Home stay is for all type of visitors to Australia who can stay short term or long term. Indian connection offers home stay in Sydney for short term purposes but can help you find long term home stay if you are interested. Benefits of home stay with Indian connection are

We pick you up from Airport-Just 15 min from Airport
You feel like home
Home made food according to your tastes
Separate room for your privacy with Internet connection
Free calling to India
Site seeing planning if you are transiting in Sydney

Always ask for terms and conditions from your Home stay

Share accommodation or flatmates or house share is another type of housing option.

Where you share everything electricity bill, water bills, gas cooking, share the rent and off course if you are using their utensils, refrigerator ,furniture you got to pay a bit for that too. The cost of share accommodation is obviously more then Home stay but definitely less then having your own rental property, which could be hard since you are new to country and real-estate agent might ask for referrals or huge security money.

Best website to find share accommodation would beGumtreeand Localnote

Students can always find share accommodation notices on their University notice board or other wise post one.

Benefits of share accommodation is that you pretty much get a well furnished house on lower costs, you make new friends and learn from new cultures.

Rent-sharing the rent with others not only cut costs but allows to afford larger and appealing housing options

Bills due to sharing the living area, the cost of lighting,cooling,heating is much cheaper if shared with others

If you are just starting out, it often helps to share the cost of furnishing and equipping a house with appliances

Shared chores and responsibilities, an share households duties

Always ask for terms and conditions from your Share Accommodation

Rental accommodation is available in Australia
Generally most of the rental properties are advertised in Realestae,Domain

Rental properties are looked after by rental agents so once finding the appropriate rental accommodation you need to call the rental agent to book an appointment to see the property. Inspect it thoroughly and if u like it you would need to pay a rental bond which is refundable depending upon the condition of the property when you leave. Department of Fair trading has a list for rentals worth looking at.

In the end costing of rental properties are dependent upon their proximity to the Central Business District(City).So if a suburb is close to CBD you would pay high rental for a particular type of accommodation as compared to one which is bit far.

Always ask for terms and conditions from your Rental Agent.

Contact us if you have any questions and we endeavour to answer them in 24 hours.

Let us as a Community as Australians Help Bushfire Victims

Time to get together as a Cummunity and help

The 2009 Victorian bushfire Fund to assist individuals and communities affected by devastating bushfires in Victoria has been launched by the Premier John Brumby in partnership with Red Cross and the Federal Government. Click here to help

Kids Fly Free International Sale to Mumbai,India from Australia

Until midnight (AEDT) Friday 20 February 2009, you can get amazing deals for you and your family on selected Qantas international flights with this Kids Fly Free international sale.And one of the International flights Destination is Mumbai,India.

Departures from 7 February to 1 July 2009,^ including school holidays

Basic Difference Between OCI and PIO

My acquaintance with these terms came when I got my Australian passport and wanted to visit India.I had to apply for a visa which of course would limit my stay in India.I wanted some thing long term.So decided to check out and found Oversees Citizen of India(OCI) more beneficial as compared to rest of them.OCI offers unlimited travel,is life long and you can buy property in India(excluding agricultural land) where as Person of Indian Origin(PIO) is valid for 5 years..Any more information please share it for our community in Australia

For Example one of my friends who recently become a Australian citizen would continue to own and hold inherited agricultural land and/or houses even after acquiring foreign citizenship. Though he would not be allowed to buy any agricultural land, there is no restriction on holding inherited land. This principle will not change even if he were to acquire a PIO/OCI card. Eventually when he sells the land, he will have to sell it to a Resident Indian only and not to an NRI or a PIO. However, this is as per the law as it stands today. Since he intends to sell the land after a few years, FEMA provisions existing at that point in time will be applicable.

Some Handy Websites for you.

Indian High Commission in Australia

Victory-A bit predictable but tolerable

How did you find the Movie Victory??

My motivation to watch Victory was of course cricket and the fact that some of it was shot in Sydney Australia, places like Sydney Cricket Ground and St Vincent Hospital. Not to mention our favourite cricketer Brett lee plays an important role in the movie.

The story is about Cricket which is not just a game in India but a religion, obsession, a way of life; it is a story about young cricketer and how the entire nations, one billion of us look up and down upon him, depending upon the outcome of the game.

Although much is already Predictable in the movie I would still recommend it viewing once
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Indian Tourism Launches the Visit India Scheme 2009

The Indian Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has launched the Visit India Scheme 2009, whereby attractive incentives are being offered to foreign tourists(if you are a Australian passport holder from indian origin?? you should be considered a tourist) visiting the country during the period April to December 2009.

So if you are thinking of visiting India by not check this deal out

For more Information on the Scheme please visit – www.incredibleindia.org or India Tourism Sydney, Level 5, 135 King St., Sydney 2000. Tel : 92219555.

Lets Share it ..make Australia a better place for our Community

I am looking for you....are you coming to Sydney Australia for Travel??? ..are you already in Sydney and want to help your community,share some thing in the community,are looking for some business in the community or just want to know whats happening around in the community..latest bollywood movies..recent indian restaurant you visted ,latest deals in Indian shops anything share it !!
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Settling Down in Australia-Handy Tips

Settling down in Australia for people of Indian origin is easy due to our English speaking ability but for most of us it’s a place away from our comfort zone.

Whether you are a student ,migrant or even a employee on work visa the first day you arrive you need to get accustomed to do you own chores from cooking,cleaning,ironing,washing,buying grocery etc.

So its best to practice all of these in India when you start planning for Australia.Said that settling in Australia would definitely be a cultural experience for all of you.

Words like sorry,thank you ,please would become a part of your dictionary.

You would become more tolerant to the roads because Aussies don't use horns.

Buses and trains are quite noise free and talking on phone loudly and listening to music on your speaker of your mobile wouldn't be a nice idea at all ..use your head phones instead

Putting money on the counter when your being served on is a bad habit again.

Staring is considered rude so don't stare just go and talk as Aussie are very friendly people.

Australia is a multicultural society with respect to all.Leave your personal hatred for any culture back home or you could be in trouble

Dignity of labour is appreciated and there is no job considered low.Imagine plumbers,electrician are the richest workers in Australia

Some handy tips for all of you who are visiting Australia as a student,migrant etc

Apply for a Australian Taxation Number (TFN) in order to receive income in Australia.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to even get an ABN number if you are thinking of being employed as an contractor.Getting an ABN number is free.

Open a bank Account since most of the employers would need it to pay you.Major Banks in Australia are as follows Commonwealth Bank,Westpac,National Bank of Australia.

Apply for a Driver’s Licence Having a Licence would serve you many purposes in Australia .Firstly it would be a proof your age,You would be able to apply for credit cards,insurance purposes etc.Getting a licence is easy for Indian all they needs a 3 year old Indian licence in English and give a DL test.

Different state have different Authorities to issue licences
Vic Vic roads

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